Low Carb / Keto Guide to 310 Restaurants!

Are you struggling eating Keto / Low Carb when you go out to dine? You won’t have that problem at 310 Restaurants!

Here is your 310 Guide to eating low carb:


Tuna Poke – Ahi Tuna is a great source of protein and the avocado is a great source of healthy fats if you’re trying to get into a ketogenic state, just make sure you skip the plantain chips as they are loaded with carbs.


Caesar Salad – Always a good low carb choice, 310’s house made Caesar dressing contains no sugar and is 100% keto! Just avoid the croutons or request your salad without them

Garden Salad – Another great keto choice when it come to salads, just ask for no craisins (they are little sugar balls)!

Greek Salad – This one is low carb just the way it is, including the Greek Dressing. The artichoke hearts and pepperoncinis are also low carb, so you wont be breaking your diet.

Dressings: 310’s Creamy Balsamic Dressing, Caesar Dressing, and Greek Dressing are all made without sugar and are inherently low-carb.

Add a Chicken Breast, Ahi Tuna Filet, Mahi Mahi Filet or Salmon Filet for a complete meal loaded with protein and completely low carb!


Rib Eye – This is a great keto choice since the chimichurri sauce it is paired with is naturally low carb and has a great ketogenic profile of fats to carbs/protein.  Just be careful you don’t go over your protein intake since it is 12oz!

Chicken Asiago – This meal is delicious, just don’t forget to ask for no “tomato jus lie” as it is made with cornstarch which we all know is a no-no when it comes to avoiding carbs.

Instead of getting a starch as a side, ask for a side salad or sautéed spinach!


California Chicken Salad – This is a great keto option, just skip the bun! An excellent source of protein and healthy fat from the avocado and the portion is huge! For only $11 it is an excellent low carb option.

The Angus Cheese Burger or Loaded Burger – Without a bun! If you’ve been eating keto for a while this is a no-brainer but some people forget they can still enjoy their favorites if they skip just one ingredient!